About us

About Us

Oponeo.pl (Oponeo.pl S.A.) is a joint-stock company with vast experience in online tyre sale. Our company has experienced strong growth since its beginning in 1999. Nowadays, thanks to our expertise we offer our customers professional and impartial technical help in tyre choice. We are proud to say that the number of our business and retail customers is constantly growing and we achieve high satisfaction levels of our customers.

Our address
ul. Podleśna 17
85-145 Bydgoszcz

Trade register to the Court of Bydgoszcz

Oponeo.pl S.A. was founded in 1999. It is registered in the Trade Register of Bydgoszcz with the register number 0000275601, REGON 093149847, VAT registration number PL 953-24-57-650.History of our company

History of our company
January 1999

Oponeo.pl S.A. was founded in 1999. It is registered in the Trade Register of Bydgoszcz with the register number 0000275601, REGON 093149847, VAT registration number PL 953-24-57-650. History of our company

Noveber 2001

E-commerce activity via opony.com domain begins – tyres and rims sale.

October 2003

The web portal Opony.com.pl emerges from Citynet Media civil company organization and Opony.com limited liability company comes into being. The company takes over key Internet tyre trade domains and some employees responsible for tyre service leave Citynet Media and join the new company.

December 2004

The company becomes profitable at a net level (after 14 months since its beginning). Opony.com limited liability company has 20,000 registered clients.

May 2005

Integration of e-commerce, logistic and accounting systems.

October 2006
The company has 1,500 registered fleet clients.
November 2006

For the first time in its history the company sells 35,000 tyres during one month. Opony.com limited liability company has 80,000 registered clients.

December 2006

Opony.com limited liability company changes its name into OPONEO.PL limited liability company.

March 2007
OPONEO.PL limited liability company is transformed and registered as OPONEO.PL joint-stock company.
September 2007

OPONEO.PL joint-stock company makes its debut at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

October 2008

An increase in OPONEO.PL joint-stock company capital up to 12,676,000 zł (Polish national currency).

February 2010

The takeover of our biggest Polish market competitor.

Our mission

Human capital – people creating harmonious team, pursuing the same goal.

Work – work based on partnership and altruism.

Success – comes from the use of human talents matching specific tasks with the special care for personal development and constant competence rising.

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Rotation period

It is definitely a great advantage of our company that the rotation of tyres in our warehouse is massive. During one year our assortment is changed a few times which enables us to sell tyres with current production date and also leads to considerable shortening of storing period.

Average date of production

According to Polish Norm PN-C94300-7 “The tyres – packing, storing and transportation”, the tyres can be introduced to sale only up to three years since their production. During this period they can be easily introduced, stored, distributed and sold. They retain then all their parameters in terms of safe use. During winter and summer seasons majority of our products comes from the current year and the average tyre DOT does not exceed a few months. All tyres are stored in special baskets, in conformity with PN-M-69009 norm, which are used as a logistics solution in Goodyear’s and Dunlop’s warehouses.


All the products that we sell are delivered to our clients in the UK for free. We use professional shipping companies which have long-standing experience in cargo shipment. The majority of our parcels is delivered to our clients within 4-5 working days which minimizes the risk of damaging the delivery in transportation.

Collecting delivery

Every client should check the order when it is delivered at their indicated address. They must check the delivery immediately for their quality and completeness and give notice to the Customer Service Department of Oponeo.co.uk of any apparent physical or delivery damage in the goods or receiving incorrect item. In case of any doubt they may refuse to accept the delivery. If the customer refuses the delivery, he or she does not pay for transportation.